Is this really my baby? I have never seen my baby like that, so beautifully captured!!!


Hong Kong Newborn PHotography

Maria Z' two approaches on capturing newborn babies.

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Newborn (5-12 days) - Baby As Art style

My newborn Baby As Art style is best for newborns aged 5-12 days after birth. The newborn babies presented in my portfolio are either nude, in baskets, or wrapped, and are on average8-9 days old. Twins range from 6 days to 1 month old. During this stage, the babies tend to be sleepier, squishier and more flexible, making it easier to achieve the best results.

This approach focuses on capturing the natural beauty of your newborn babies in a more artistic manner. This session is never rushed and takes around 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for baby feeding and comforting. I will take care of all the posing, comforting, and swaddling of your babies. This session also includes photos with siblings, parents, and pets!

I will bring an extra helper, a beanbag, sets of clean sterilized wraps, blankets, and a baby basket for the session. Technically speaking, you do not have to prepare anything unless there are any sentimental items that you would like to be included in the photos.

All baby art sessions run from 10 am to 2 pm, as I have found that most newborns tend to be crankier if the session starts in the afternoon. I provide very limited number of Baby As Art session per month.

Newborn - Lifestyle approach

I get it! You've just left the hospital, have a splitting headache because your breast milk isn't coming in, you're only getting two hours of sleep per day, your baby seems to be crying all the time, and you're not allowed to wash your hair for a month... and now your baby is suddenly two months old. Where did the time go?!

But most importantly, all you need are some family photos to celebrate the joy of welcoming a new life. You don't need those artistic, curly, squishy, posed sleeping baby portraits!

If you want images of your babies still looking small, I recommend capturing them before 3 months. However, I believe that any age is worth capturing.

This session takes less than 1 hour (but can be extended to 2 hours if you need 2 locations). I will capture your babies in their own outfits, in the comfort of your home, or even outside in your nearby park or beach. This session captures the connection and love among your family in a more authentic and candid manner.

Please note that once you have selected this style, you can't request me to do a Baby As Art session on the spot. This is because : (1) the baby maybe too old for certain Baby As Art type image; (2) I don't bring all the necessary equipment with me, such as the beanbag, the basket, the wraps and blankets which is needed for my Baby As Art session. (3) I may have other sessions scheduled after yours, which means I cannot extend my shooting time with you if baby need 2 hours to fall asleep.

In any case let's chat before the session if you have any particular questions.

Signature Newborn Baby As Art style (5-12 days old)

Baby Lifestyle session

FAQ - Baby As Art Style

When should my newborn be photographed?

Majority of the newborns I photographed and presented in my portfolio were around 4-10 days old. For the best result, aim to photograph your newborn within the first 10 days after birth. During this early stage, babies tend to be sleepier, squishy and more flexible, making it easier to achieve the best results.

How long does a newborn session take?

If you or your friends have taken our newborn sessions before, you know I take my time with the newborns. I never rush my newborn session. The newborn session typically last 2 to 4 hours. This timeframe allows us to take breaks for feeding, soothing, rocking the baby to sleep, and creating a relaxed atmosphere.

When should I book a newborn session?

It's best to book your newborn session during your pregnancy, ideally in the second trimester. Our bookings are usually taken up few months in advance, so it's best to book early to avoid disappointment.

How should I style my newborn for the session?

For the newborn session, we provide a set of clean and sterilised neutral-tone wraps and blankets for the baby. You don't need to prepare anything specific unless you have sentimental items or personalised accessories you like to be included in the photos. We recommend the other family members dress in neutral light tone outfits for the session.

When do we expect to see the photos?

You can expect to receive 1-3 images within 2 days after the session, for your birth announcement purposes. The final edited images will be ready for view and download in 3-4 weeks' time. We will provide you with access to a secure on-line gallery where you can view, download and share with your family.